QBasicApps - collection of applications mostly written in MS QBasic for DOS environment

This collection contains lots of applications:

  • Games.
  • Graphics tests (2D/3D/4D).
  • Algorithms tests.
  • Utilities.

I wrote them long time ago mostly in QBasic, some in x86 assembly for use under DOS operating system.

Few sample applications from the package:

1 Checkers

Play checkers against the computer with any board size and any amount of caps. Does thinking by recursively testing many possible scenarios with any depth.

Since it is slow QBasic implementation, it isn't practical to play with many caps or big thinking depth, for reasonable responce time.

See directory:



2 Platform game

Jump around, collect coins and dont touch snails! Inspired by Super Mario Bros.

See directory:



3 3D Synthezier

Parses scene definition language and creates 3D world based on it. Result will be in a wavefront obj file, witch can be then visualized using external renderer.

See directory:

graphics/3D/3D Synthezier

rectangular city, 1.jpeg

hexagonal city, 2.jpeg

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