QBasicApps - collection of applications mostly written in MS QBasic for DOS environment

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Programs author:
    Svjatoslav Agejenko
    Homepage: http://svjatoslav.eu
    Email: svjatoslav@svjatoslav.eu

This software is distributed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.

This collection contains lots of applications (games, graphics tests (2D/3D/4D)
algorithms tests, utilities) I wrote long time ago.
Mostly in QBasic, some in x86 assembly for use under DOS environment.

Few sample applications from the package:
    Checkers game
    Super Mario clone
    3D synthezer
    Ray casting 3D engine
    4D engine
    Interactive 3D graph for visualizing formulas
    Biorythm calculator
    Digital data over analog audio channel
    Explosion simulation
    Game of life