added cover for welding wire
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2020-12-27 Svjatoslav Agejenkoorganized files further
2020-12-26 Svjatoslav Agejenkofurther organized files
2020-11-20 Svjatoslav AgejenkoDocumented Fujifilm lens cases
2020-09-06 Svjatoslav Agejenkoadding dual adjustable output voltage stage on the top
2020-08-22 Svjatoslav Agejenkoadded adjustable resistor project documentation
2020-08-09 Svjatoslav AgejenkoDocumented USB desk fan mod
2020-07-11 Svjatoslav AgejenkoRemoved flawed battery charger. Published better versio...
2020-06-22 Svjatoslav Agejenkofixed broken link
2020-06-22 Svjatoslav Agejenkoadded window fixator
2020-06-15 Svjatoslav AgejenkoAdded toy robot
2020-06-03 Svjatoslav AgejenkoAdded camping chair leg tip
2020-05-31 Svjatoslav AgejenkoAdded dosimeter case
2020-05-24 Svjatoslav Agejenkoupdated battery tester documentation
2020-05-24 Svjatoslav AgejenkoReorganized directory structure. Better main index...
2020-05-20 Svjatoslav AgejenkoFixed broken image link.
2020-05-17 Svjatoslav AgejenkoDocumented Headphone hub. Added airpump mod files ...
2020-05-16 Svjatoslav Agejenkocreated audio category
2020-05-07 Svjatoslav Agejenkolink to USB extension cable
2020-05-02 Svjatoslav Agejenkodocumented book stand
2020-04-12 Svjatoslav AgejenkoDocumented portable audio amp.
2020-03-29 Svjatoslav AgejenkoAdded shelf and roll
2020-03-20 Svjatoslav AgejenkoChanged license to CC0
2020-03-18 Svjatoslav AgejenkoAdded NanoVNA case
2020-03-01 Svjatoslav Agejenkoadded cable organizer
2020-02-28 Svjatoslav Agejenkoadded digital caliphers mod and box
2020-01-26 Svjatoslav AgejenkoAdded Nokia 105 (2019) senior mod
2020-01-26 Svjatoslav Agejenkoadded CAT B30 phone cover
2020-01-18 Svjatoslav AgejenkoAdded microscope slide box.
2020-01-13 Svjatoslav AgejenkoAdded 52mm macro lens storage compartment
2020-01-11 Svjatoslav AgejenkoAdded Fujifilm X-mount to microscope adapter.
2019-12-01 Svjatoslav AgejenkoAdded 35mm film copying device
2019-12-01 Svjatoslav AgejenkoAdded Fujifilm battery box
2019-12-01 Svjatoslav Agejenkoinitial project setup