ImageSqueeze - lossy image codec

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Program author:
    Svjatoslav Agejenko

This software is distributed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.

Lossy image codec. Optimized for photos.
I developed it to test out an image compression ideas.

I believe my algorithm has following advantages:
    * Fast. Relatively few computations per pixel. 
    * Easy to add support for progressive image loading. (Saving is already progressive)

Current limitations / to do:
    * Documentation describing idea behind this algorithm is still missing (lack of time)
    * Code documentation is weak.
    * Better sample applications needed: Commandline image conversion utility. Image viewer.

Below are original photo and the same image being compressed down to ~93 Kb and then decompressed.

When looking very closely, slight grainyness, loss of color precision and
blurriness (loss of detail) could be noticed as a compression artifacts.
Still sharp edges are always preserved. Also no blocks typical to JPEG are ever seen.
I think that is awesome result for just ~ 2.5 bits per pixel on that color photo.